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how to keep your white bedding white: 5 simple steps

Here at Dip & Doze, we’ve put our heads together and combined nearly two centuries worth of knowledge to bring you the best advice when it comes to caring for your white bedding, because we know there’s nothing better than clean, crisp, bright white bed linen.

act fast on stains!

If you’re anything like us, you love treating yourself to a weekend breakfast in bed. However, if this leads to any accidental spillages on your white bed sheets, you need to act fast! When you’re all set with a paper, brew, and hot toast, this might be the last thing you want to do, but the longer you leave your marks to soak into your bedding, the harder they are to remove.

With a water-absorbed damp sponge, press it into the stain using your fingers. If the stain doesn’t cease, then take your trusted stain remover and work it into the stain. If it still doesn’t cease or it’s too big to be treated with a sponge, you’ll need to strip your bed and wash your sheets.

always separate out laundry

When it comes to white bedding sets, it’s particularly important not to overfill your washing machine. This will prevent your whites being cleaned properly as they can’t move as freely around the drum. Likewise, if you use too much detergent, limescale and detergent scum may accumulate, giving them a grey coating.


how often should I be washing my white bedding?

Generally speaking, once every two weeks should be perfect for your white bedding to maintain its quality and brightness in the long run. Although, if you’re a hot sleeper, for instance, you may be best washing your white bedding more frequently to avoid bacterial build up.

natural whitening remedies

Luckily, there are several routes you can take to carry out natural whitening home remedies on your white bedding that, unlike bleach, aren’t toxic and damaging to fabric.

Household wonder items can be used to help turn your laundry from dull to dazzling and transform your washing routine for good. Try one of the below:

Best known as a deodorizer, distilled white vinegar added to the fabric softener dispenser will dissolve any detergent residue whilst also naturally softening your sheets without damaging them. And an added bonus, it will leave you with a sparkling clean washing machine, too!

Lemon juice may not be the first kitchen staple you expect to bring to your laundry room, but it’s a natural disinfectant as well as a natural bleaching agent. Add half a cup to your detergent dispenser (alongside your detergent) or add it into the drum.

Hanging your white sheets out to dry on the line on a sunny day works wonders as the sun’s rays act as natures very own bleach!


deep cleaning

With white bedding, you may also want to occasionally practice a deep clean (once a year usually does the trick – depending on how many sets you have on rotation), to reverse the effects of sustained use in a way that regular washing might not.

Mix half a cup of white vinegar with approximately four litres of warm water in the bath and let your sheets soak for about an hour. Then, remove them from the tub and wash them as per usual with your regular detergent and lemon juice as noted above.

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And by following each of these steps, you can maintain the beautiful pristine whiteness of your bedding for many years to come. Not to mention, caring for your bedding helps you to sleep more comfortably and keep your skin as clean as possible, all whilst maintaining the longevity of your sheets.