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discover your perfect timeless bedding shade (4 types)

At present, what is your bedsheet colour and why did you choose that? There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a new colour scheme for a room in your home, and we understand it’s in no way a quick or easy decision. Your bedroom is a real opportunity for you to create the safe space you’ve always desired; a humble abode you’ve only dreamt of; a refuge to rest and recharge away from the outside world. A place to accumulate your favourite colours that come together as a metaphorical extension of your personality and an expression of what makes you happy.

Depending mostly on the colours used and their movement of shades, every home has a certain feel and focus – and the bedroom in many ways is an anchor for this. Here’s how to master a finely tuned colour palette that you can be sure is streamlined to your personal preferences.

for the lightness seekers

As we know, white is synonymous with cleanliness. If you’re a less-is-more believer or simply a classic soul, this could be your match. Let your personality shine through with a white linen duvet cover set or a white cotton duvet cover set, and really make your bedroom your own little white-out wonderland.

And when it comes to incorporating your stripped back palette with the rest of your home, never underestimate the essence of a clean, simple theme. White can fit seamlessly into myriad colour schemes, without creating any real interruptions in other colour blocks or patterns already present in your home.

Alternatively, if white’s a little too bright for you, light grey sateen could also be an option – as it’s subtly reflective sheen mimics the moonlight glows of the night. Just like a visual lullaby – how beautiful!

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for the colour lovers

Research has found that when your bedroom is designed with your favourite colours and lighting in mind, your body feels a strong sense of welcoming and ease. However, it must be done right! Colourful bedding can be so much fun, but it’s important to balance colours and prints well. This is, whilst also encouraging productivity in the morning. Professionally speaking, it’s recommended to keep your palette to a maximum of four colours, which allows for a visual rhythm to be established without creating any feelings of confusion or chaos.

So, why not try a bedroom scheme that incorporates green bedding or amidst an earth-toned, soul-soothing colour scheme?

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Or, alternatively for the decorative stylers, we recommend clay pink bedding. If it’s your favourite colour, why not allow yourself to express this inner quirk? There’s so much warm sentiment and wholesomeness associated with this shade.

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For a more subdued version (offering more surrounding decorative freedom), opt for dusky light pink bedding!

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However, be conscious that north-facing rooms tend to catch less natural light, and the light they do attract tends to cast a cooling hue on the bedroom contents.

for meeting in the middle

If you and your partner have contrasting preferences, the solution could be to opt for a natural colour bedding, such as a comforting beige. This can meet one need for simplicity, as well as another’s desire to get creative with added décor that won’t look out of place.

Another suggestion is to mix and match your bedding. Use different complimentary pillowcases or use a multi-tasking flat sheet as a bedspread – you can be rest assured that all our shades are designed to work in harmony with each other. Our personal favourite pairings are fjord & beige bedding in our linen range, as well as mixing our stripe bedding with matching plain bedding shades.

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for the struggling sleepers

According to research, those with blue bedding or walls aid a good night’s sleep. Reminding us of the blissfulness of a summer’s day or the vision of an ocean front, there’s nothing more soothing than a colour associated with all the calmest conditions that nature has to offer. In fact, studies suggest that blue can reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure.

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Dark blue schemes and navy bedding can also elicit a deep, soothing feeling, as it reminds us of our sky’s cradling midnight hue.

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That’s our guide all wrapped up. But remember – even though the research might resonate with you, we’ve long been advocates of always trusting your intuition. A bedding that catches your eye is a bedding that speaks to you for a reason. If you find that an unexpected shade brings you feelings of joy, it’s usually a sign that you should incorporate it into the overall scheme of your home.

So, once you’ve decided on your four core colours, experiment with shades that stem from them. Perhaps create a mood board to gauge how your colours cooperate with natural and artificial lighting.