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the beauty of hemp, & how to care for your loungewear

We believe in gently refining nature’s generous resources and working in better harmony with our planet. We choose every fabric with care and intention, searching the world for nature’s most sustainable and most beautiful.


Not come across this fibre before? We’re SO excited to introduce you to the truly beautiful qualities of hemp. Like linen, it’s breathable, extremely durable, moves effortlessly with the body and is easy to wear across seasons. Hemp wrinkles less than linen, whilst still providing that beautiful lived-in look (win!) and softens more and more, with each wash and each wear (dreamy, right?).

Our hemp is grown in the mountainous region of northern China, without the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides. It’s considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly fibres out there, as it’s fast growing, naturally resistant to pests and requires almost no water to grow. It’s also a sister plant, meaning that it replenishes the soil by returning a high percentage of nutrients (we think that’s pretty amazing, don’t you!?).


We blend our hemp with cotton, for loungewear pieces that are subtly textured and sumptuously soft. We just want you to be comfy out there…

Our organic cotton, unlike conventional cotton, is grown without genetically modified seeds, harmful chemicals or pesticides. An extra plus – it’s grown using mostly rainwater. By recycling it efficiently, very little outside water needs to be used. Safer for our farmers, the environment, and you!


And another first for us, we’re excited to have introduced Tencel to our fabric collection. You’ll find this blended with cotton and hemp in our menswear collection.

Made from sustainably sourced wood materials, Tencel is processed without the use of harmful chemicals in a closed loop system. It’s gentle on our planet and oh so gentle on your skin.

Guarantee your loungewear a wonderfully long life with our tips

  • Wash at 30 °C or by hand, using a gentle detergent (and of course, never bleach!). Temperatures higher than this can stiffen and shrink the fibres.
  • For the best cleaning power and garment care, wash your garments inside out and be sure not to overfill your machine.
  • If it’s just dirty in a teeny area, why not spot clean instead?
  • Air dry by lying flat or hanging on the line whenever possible.
  • We love to embrace the crumple of un-ironed hemp. It’s the kind of beauty that sings to us. A beautifully lived in look with traces of life. BUT if you like things a little neater and just so, iron on a low – medium heat. The more you love your loungewear, the more it will love you back, so iron whilst damp or by placing a towel on top.

Ready to be indulged in sumptuously soft, consciously crafted comfort? Shop loungewear.

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