Care Guides

how to care for your robes

Featuring our much-loved stripe cotton outer and a soft, lightweight towelling lining, we perfected the ultimate year-round robes for you to live in and love. They’re definitely worth getting out of bed for! Here are some easy breezy ways to keep your robes in tip-top condition.


You can wash your robe up to 40°C, but we recommend washing at 30°C if isn’t too dirty. Good for your robe, good for upping your sustainability kudos!

You’ll notice that your robe softens and relaxes after the first wash for a delightfully comforting fit. Perfect for when you really don’t want to leave your bed.


Our stripes are yard died, meaning they’re colour fast and won’t leach any dye from the coloured stripes into the white stripes. Just pop in the machine with other light colours and watch out for any black socks accidently making their way into the load!

We recommend you avoid washing with your towels if possible. The heavier weight of your towels can cause the outer stripe fabric of your robe to pill when they are tumbling around together in the drum.

detergents we recommend using

There are a lot of conventional detergents out there full of artificial fragrances and unpronounceable ingredients, making doing laundry dirty business. But there’s no need to toss and turn. We always recommend using gentler detergents and considering natural, non-bio options to reduce skin irritation.

Go easy with the detergent and if using, fabric conditioner. Using too much makes it much harder to remove during the rinse cycle. This then accumulates over time, leaving residue on the towelling lining that causes it to stiffen. It also prevents it from absorbing as much water over time, so not ideal if you’re putting on your robe straight after a soak.

top tips for drying

Make sure you reshape your robe as it dries and simply line dry outside or on an airer.

If you need to use a tumble dryer, ensure you don’t over dry and strip your robes towelling lining of all moisture and its natural softness. Use a low temperature and a setting that doesn’t completely dry out your robe.

to iron or not to iron

If ironing is your thing, you can iron on a warm setting. Ironing whilst slightly damp is our top tip for reducing ironing time, so you can spend more time indulging in the art of relaxation!

We hope you enjoy that wrapped in a hug feeling for years to come. Shop organic & Fairtrade, consciously crafted robes.