6 reasons to spend more money on bedding

Do you ever find yourself full of hope after buying new bedding, indulging heartily in its seemingly perfect comfort levels, night after night… Only for it to quickly lose its quality and need replacing after a few months? Or perhaps you’re left with more pillowcases than you don’t know what to do with, because they’ve outlived their matching duvet cover sets.

This may be your sign to break even with higher-quality, long-staple bedding – so that you can once and for all be satisfied with your lasting comfort levels and return on investment.

gets better over time with every wash

Not all cotton is created equal. In fact, the organic cotton we source is so scarce, it accounts for less than 3% of available cotton in the world. Cue the enticing fabric facts we’re eager to present you with…

Did you know that each cotton boll contains nearly 250,000 individual cotton fibres (or staples), and that most available cotton fibres measure 1 ⅛”. Whereas rarer, longer cotton fibres measure 1 ¼”. The latter are better quality because they’re smoother and have fewer exposed fibre ends.

So, when it comes to sourcing and production, short staple cotton is prolific because it’s easier and less expensive to grow. Organic, long-staple cotton however is more difficult to source and harvest. Because it’s rarer, it’s more expensive. Long-staple organic cotton was our only option from the beginning. This involves a much more intensive, considered, thorough set manufacturing processes.

These meticulous processes produce our high-quality, long-staple fabric fibres that set us apart from the rest in the market. Spun to perfection, our bedding is made to improve over time, after each wash – to the satisfaction of its owners.

expertly designed & produced

With 180 years of textile expertise, we’re here to simplify the technical stuff for you. Our organic cotton bedding exclusively uses single ply, long staple, superior-quality fibres. This is one of the most important things to look for when it comes to durable, soft, luxurious feeling fabric.

In terms of linen bedding, we source some of the world’s finest flax from the famous Western Europe flax belt (spanning the northern coastline of Belgium and France), where the unique North Sea climate grows the finest flax fibres. The linen produced from the flax here is renowned for its sublime length, strength, and quality.

allows for healthier & comfier sleep

Even though “thread count” has become the twenty-first century buzzword in bedding – it isn’t the be all and end all. You can make a 200 thread count fabric with great yarns or a 200 thread count with poor quality yarns. One will be wonderful, but the other won’t feel nice on your skin no matter the thread count.

Where low quality cotton and linen bedding won’t insulate you well, will wear very quickly and present you with a greater likelihood of skin irritation, our organic cotton and natural linen bedding has the solutions. For instance, they will keep your body heat in due to a sturdier, more compact weave (whilst still being perfectly breathable). As well as withstanding many more washes due to their rare plant derivation, all these carefully considered qualities of our linen and cotton bedding come together to care for your skin throughout the night.

Prepare for the best night’s sleep of your life (we are not exaggerating!). Discover the many health benefits of our high-quality cotton and also the health benefits of our natural linen bedding.

gives you that hotel quality bedding feeling

Our organic cotton and natural linen bedding are crafted by makers with such outstanding talent and skill, that their quality is unsurpassed. Because we source the same quality of fabric as some of the best 5* boutique hotels, our bedding makes for the same level of comfort, temperature control and breathability that you’ve ever experienced!

is kinder to the planet & future life

As we know, high quality bedding and sustainability come hand in hand. Meaning, it’ll stay intact for longer (with the right care) and you won’t have to dispose of it (or better, re-purpose it) for many years to come. The environmental result? You’re contributing less to toxic landfills and adding to the demand for higher-quality, healthier crops that work in harmony with nature across the globe.

The best part? As well as being made to the highest environmental standards, our products are always made to the highest ethical standards, too. From our farms to our factories, our beautiful bedding is produced and processed by talented partners in safe and humane conditions.

proven to be a worthwhile investment

When you buy a legitimately high-quality bedding set and follow the care guide instructions, you can’t go wrong. This is particularly true for supreme natural flax linen bedding and organic cotton bed sheets, which have been historically and universally made to reward you with up to a lifetime of affordable luxury!

So, why not sidestep the lifelong hoax of repeated bedding purchases?

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Instead, look for either: ethically sourced, chemical-free linen bedding made from flax grown in the European flax belt and chemical-free cotton made from the finest long-staple, organic cotton.