3 simple steps to ultimate comfort in your home

Comfort can sometimes be overlooked by style and doesn’t always take precedence when making decorating choices, but what if we told you JUST how much it can improve your quality of living? Physical touch is essential, of course, but it’s secondary to the first visual role items play when you initially step into a room. Here’s how to curate somewhere that speaks of comfort, loudly and clearly, that allows you to walk in, close the door, drop your bags, and relax.

harness your bedroom’s comfort potential

Not only are warmth and comfort key to help improve the quality of sleep, but by making comfort the visual statement of your room, relaxation will be sensed from the moment you walk in. Since the bedroom is the bedrock for relaxation, you can really define your home’s narrative with impossibly cosy bedding. Just watch how much a truly comfy bed leads the whole scheme – gently inviting you to switch off from the outside world. We particularly love to layer up on bed cushions plump enough to invite you in like a warm hug; to add to the cosseting comfort radiated by the bedding.

By letting comfort take the reins in your styling criteria, you’ll achieve a room that will reward you by making you feel rejuvenated each time with each moment you spend in it. Our ethically made, natural bedding creates the ultimate outlet for this, making liveability the worthy front runner of your bedroom.

Feed into your restful cravings with affordable luxury that puts you first and makes your home feel ever so lived-in and loved.

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turn your bathroom into a breath of fresh air

Where better to help you feel more comforted, uplifted, and relaxed or invigorated? Reduce any feelings of exhaustion you may have by creating a bathroom that’s like a refreshingly seamless juxtapose from the cosiness of your bedroom – where you can come around from a deep, revitalising sleep and prepare for the day ahead. Why not let yourself enjoy the simple pleasures of organic hotel quality towels every morning and night – to cleanse your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed every day. There’s something so lovely about savouring the little things in life.

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help your home along with other elements

Not to forget other elements that interact in harmony with each other, to come together as one and help the comfort of our home come along. For instance, have you thought about how lighting can reinvent a space entirely? Lighting has the unique ability to elevate a room to new atmospheric heights, making for a soothing place where which you can rest away the worries of the day. To bring your comfort to the forefront, think about prioritising mood lighting, instead of it being an afterthought following task lighting. This will create real balance in the home where your body can recharge from otherwise feeling alert after being on the move all day.

Another genius idea for the perfect comfort-led approach to your interior design is to select some simplistic reach-out-and-touch pieces that will dominate but not overpower or overcomplicate your room’s scheme. These kinds of tokens of softness fit together to tell a story of beautiful liveability that we just LOVE in the home, along with muted flooring options that can streamline the feel of any room! Choosing a linear, stripped-back flooring design can prevent it from distracting from the comfort elements in your room you’ve spent time to achieve.

We hope this provides inspiration on how to create a consoling cocoon of comfort built around the things you love!