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how to care for your towels

We made our bath linens from the same finest quality organic and Fairtrade cotton as our bedding, so you can extend that blissful feeling as you step out of the bath or shower. Here are our secrets to keeping your hardworking bathroom essentials at their comforting, absorbent best for longer…

washing temperature

We know it can be tempting to constantly wash your bath linen at high temperatures considering the germs they can harbour. But this doesn’t help keep them fluffy and supple! As high temperatures strip the natural fibres of their softness over time, we suggest washing between 30°C to 40°C . Paired with a good detergent, dirt and natural body oils will be removed effectively. Good for your towels, good for our planet, good for your energy bills.

detergents we recommend using

Firstly, go easy with the detergent! Many of us are guilty of using too much in our washes when we want to give our towels a really good old clean. However, using too much simply makes it much harder to remove during the rinse cycle. This then accumulates over time, leaving residue on your towels that causes them to stiffen.

Although, it isn’t an exact science. For example, you’ll need a little more detergent if you live in a hard water area than a soft water area. You may also need a little more for a particularly dirty load. As a general rule, we recommend to follow the manufacturers guidelines, then, once you’re used to a particular brand, you can adjust according to your situation.

It’s not just the amount of laundry detergent you use, but the type can help too. Harsh detergents can permanently damage the natural fibres in cotton bath linen. We always recommend using gentler detergent and considering non-bio options to reduce skin irritation.

Avoid fabric conditioner, or if it’s a must for you, go very easy. You really don’t need much! Fabric conditioners actually leave a waxy residue on your bath linen over time. This coating affects their drying performance by preventing them from absorbing as much water. Not a quality you’re probably looking for in a towel!

give them space

On that note, ensure you don’t fill your machine over three quarters full. If there are too many towels in the drum, the detergent and conditioner can’t be effectively rinsed out, adding to the problem of stiff towels.

Unfortunately, your clothes and towels don’t love each other as much as much as you love them. Wash towels alone as the heavy weight can rub against your clothes and lead to pilling. Items with zips, hooks or trims can also snag your towels. In the event of a snagged loop avoid pulling. Simply snip off with scissors instead.

top tips for drying

If the wonderfully unpredictable weather is preventing you from line drying outdoors, try to avoid putting on top of radiators as too much heat can cause stiff, scratchy fibres. Instead, use an airer in an airing cupboard or nearby to a radiator. Rotating them regularly can help them dry quicker.

A windy day is perfect for agitating the fibres in your bath linen, stopping them from sticking together and resulting in softer towels. If it’s a still day or you’re drying indoors, shake your towels out after washing and again after drying to fluff them up.

If you need to use a tumble dryer, ensure you don’t over dry and strip them of all moisture (a main cause of crusty towels). Use a low temperature and a setting that doesn’t completely dry out your towels.

And there you have it. Love your towels and they’ll love you back for years to come. Shop organic & Fairtrade, lovingly made bath linen.

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