the beauty of our linen: jump in

Now that our luxury bed linen is yours to cherish at home, what better time to divulge some details on linen’s remarkably rich history and unique character – with a focus on our beautiful, antique-like linen range…

a brief history of linen

Did you know that linen is considered the oldest fabric in the world, originally harvested along the Nile in ancient Egypt? What a wonderful testament it is to have remained such a favoured fabric to this day.

Owing to the flax plant, linen’s looser weave and distinctively long fibres allow the skin to breath by circulating body heat and airflow freely. Still, as always, crop quality varies massively depending on climate and soil type. Flax is partial to mild temperatures and the high moisture levels of fine, fertile clay soil – taking around 100 days to harvest. Found in Western Europe, only the most skilled farmers can determine when to progress flax to the next stages in production.

The Western Europe “flax belt” is famously recognised for growing the best quality flax in the land, with its beautiful blue flowers covering the landscape from May to June. The grounds of France and Belgium reign superior for flax cultivation, equipped with the richest soil beds and flawlessly timed rainfall – resulting in the highest quality flax harvest.

our perfected linen

Imagine knowing that your bedding is woven from the longest, finest flax fibres on Earth…

In a conscious effort to remain as committed as ever to partnering with first-class, pioneering artisans and small-scale farmers, our linen is expertly made right from the stems of Belgian and French flax plants – making it rich to the touch. And, due to the longer growth capacities of flax, we’ve been able to produce a range that ensures warmer air stays around when you need it most, and that it’s wicked away when your body’s already warm enough. This way, you’re kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter… The perfect alchemy of comfort and durability in one bedding – throughout all seasons.

Able to deter moisture, our natural linen uses no harmful fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. This means it’s kind to the soil and prevents water pollution – in turn improving insect life and wider ecosystems. With its list of adaptable, seasonless qualities, our linen is also naturally antibacterial and moth-resistant.

enjoy it all year round

So, what is it that makes our linen bedding a new, timeless staple to bring into your home? It’s suitable for every bedroom, all year round. Whether layered with other fabrics, or varying homeware accessories, our linen is designed for diverse use – not just in its practicality but also in its aesthetics. Pre-washed to soften its fibres, it provides that effortlessly natural, antique homeware feel (getting even softer and aging with grace).

How does it sound for your next homeware addition to be Belgian and French linen bedding that brings with it an easy-going, ever-inviting charm? Or, to skip the choice fatigue of present picking and begin your next seasonal project of wrapping up your prized linen wedding anniversary gifts? After all, what better way to seal a special union of love than to gift one of your beloved happy couples with our carefully considered set of the finest quality white linen bedding, to be used together forever.

perfectly imperfect

Simply wash it, hang it and let it dry all on its own – allowing yourself to embrace its natural slubs. These are tiny ‘weaver’s knots’ that display the skill of mending any broken flax fibres before being woven. They give linen its perfectly imperfect finish; seen as celebrations of its authentic beauty and the hard work that goes into the making it.

Are you ready for your new, wonderfully enduring linen bedding to last a lifetime and beyond? Lapse into a new state of sublime slumber.

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