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dear sweet, organic september…

As the crops of golden meadows waltz across the dimming fields, we embark on a brand-new calendar month and a period of increased awareness around organic practices.

autumn days

When peering out of your window at 7:00am on an elegant September morning, notice the burnished scarlet skies that glide overhead. A soft wind sweeps in to greet your cotton bed sheets as you stretch into the day with the scent of the fallen autumn leaves.

Whilst September is a time of contemplation and the return of busier rush hours, it also provides us with some of the prettiest evenings filled with a calming, modest beauty. Not to mention, it harvests some of the most delicious foods – swede, figs, and red grapes, to name a few.

why organic?

If nature could talk, it would ask us to listen…

Organic month is all about celebrating all things organic and thinking about our own organic basics. Particularly after 2020, it’s important that we seek solutions to care for nature, health, and our climate. This means raising awareness around organic farming methods, and recognising the amazing hard work that pioneers put in to making organic products.

When crops are grown organically, birds, insects, vegetation, and surrounding ground waters aren’t harmed. Therefore, by minimising our exposure to processed foods and finding suppliers that have organic systems in place, we can promote ecological balance. This way, we’re not only protecting our planet, but also our bodies and what they’re exposed to.

be involved

If you haven’t already, why not grow your own veg at home? This is a great way to save money, reduce plastic waste, and improve your carbon footprint. Another step is to support local organic farmers by shopping online or at your nearest organic food store. There are so many benefits that organic farming can have on our climate, nature, and our health when funded for.

What’s more, it’s absolutely possible for luxury living and environmental friendliness to co-exist. With just a few subtle changes, you can live your life as usual and indulge in a contemporary lifestyle that suits you, all whilst working in harmony with our planet. As well as enjoying our favourite organic foods, it’s also a step in the right direction to invest in organic fabric, too. Why not enjoy your own organic cotton home comforts? There’s nothing quite like owning things that can be loved every day, year after year, without having to be continually replaced. Together, these sorts of small, collective actions between us add up to make a real difference.

It’s been a pleasure to discuss the significance of organic September with you! When we’re at one with nature, we can all help maintain the beauty of our planet. Make your next planet-conscious decision by shopping our carefully crafted GOTS certified cotton favourites:

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