4 simple steps to make your bedroom transcends trends

Our bedrooms are spaces that go beyond what’s “in” or “out”. They reflect your unique style. Because let’s face it, trends come and go, but your bedroom should be a haven that speaks to your soul for years to come.

Here’s how  to make your bedroom a truly timeless sanctuary that outshines passing fads. So grab a cup of coffee, get cosy, and let’s dive right in!

pick a calming colour palette

What’s more timeless than nature itself?

When you select a colour palette that resembles your favourite corners of earth’s wonders, you’re already on the track to building a bedroom sanctuary that promotes true peacefulness and rest. Here at Dip & Doze, we have tranquil, tonal bedding down to a T – you can find your perfect timeless bedding shade here.

In terms of décor, our bedding is compatible with many different options of colour and texture.

Earth tones, soft neutrals, and muted pastels all effortlessly complement our organic cotton and natural linen bedding shades.

Equally, interior décor using bold splashes of colour can really complement your Dip & Doze bedding, too, as well as leaning on seasonal colours and creating a truly homely feel. For instance, slight hints of a midnight green or aubergine can work well with the burnt sun beams of late autumn and early winter. Simply beautiful!

turn ceiling lights off & candles or lamps on

Studies have found that being surrounded by bright lights in the evening can prolong the time it takes us to get to sleep. Using dimmable lights or smaller lamps can help create a gentile and calming ambience in your bedroom.

Low light, especially warm-toned lights, emit less blue light. And as we all know, the blue light from electronic devices can disrupt your sleep pattern and hinder relaxation. By reducing your blue light exposure in the bedroom, your body can better prepare for sleep. Candles can also help create a soothing, stress-reducing atmosphere and can encourage you to focus on the present moment.

bring nature indoors with you

Bring nature indoors through the use of plants, natural fibres, and wooden elements. Incorporating potted plants or fresh flowers adds life and freshness to your bedroom and seriously helps when you’re winding down.

Natural furniture is all about pieces that have been expertly crafted or upcycled – and using materials that only get better with age. For instance, good quality wooden furniture or accents are sure to complement your organic cotton and natural linen bedding. All whilst lasting for decades or even lifetimes!

ensure comfort & sustainability

Now for the most important step… Ensure you invest in high-quality organic cotton or linen bedding for long-lasting comfort. Properly care for your bedding by following our cotton care guide and linen care guide to maximise their longevity.

So, while trends come and go, it’s important to remember that we shouldn’t worry about what is “on trend” and what isn’t. We think it’s about building a bedroom that promotes joy and relaxation. It’s about sourcing what fits in with our scheme and is also long-lasting (as there are plenty options for all bedroom schemes!).