once & for all: linen or cotton bedding?

If your passion for bedsheets is anything like ours, prepare for your curiosity to be quenched. You may have asked yourself, what is the difference between cotton and linen? Is cotton or linen cooler? Which dries faster? What are the pros and cons of each? Is linen soft? Which is better for your bed? What are 5 similarities and 5 differences? We know there’s a lot to think about – let’s unpack it all and reach a verdict!

Bedding is an important investment that involves personal preference, and when trying to decide between these two reigning fabric contenders in the market, we can help. With 180 years of textiles expertise, we’ve trialled and tested countless fibres, thread counts, fabric weights, measures of durability and breathability… You name it. All to bring you the finest home comforts designed to elevate your quality of living and complement your contemporary lifestyle.

When it comes to similarities, both our cotton and linen are of the finest quality, comfort and aesthetic versatility. They’re both made from natural fibres, meaning they’re eco-friendly and work in divine harmony with our planet. But they also have some distinctly different qualities to offer when it comes to certain things…


Linen, being one of the world’s oldest fabrics, is typically more durable than cotton. For instance, our linen bedding gets even more irresistibly soft with age and has the ability to last such a long time – even generations given the right love and care.

Known as nature’s moisture wicking fibre, linen champions airflow and can absorb up to 20% of its moisture before ever feeling damp, making it perfect for sleepers seeking a cooler night’s sleep. And if you would consider your skin to be on the more sensitive side, our linen has you covered. It’s resistant to bacteria and non-allergenic.

In terms of texture, linen is characterised by a lower thread count as its fibres are thicker and its weave usually visible. This produces its relaxed feel and renowned crinkles that create an effortless, laid-back charm – so you don’t have to worry about getting your ironing board out!

With the demand for natural linen growing, we’re here to make the finest quality more accessible to you. Lapse into a snuggly slumber with your very own soft linen fabric bedding.


The cotton plant produces fibres that are finer than those of linen, resulting in a tighter cotton thread weave that creates textures from cool & crisp to soft & smooth. Where percale offers a fresh, modern matte feel with the ability to stay cool to the touch all night long, sateen offers a beautiful, buttery sheen and has the impressive quality of being naturally wrinkle resistant.

Consider our cotton bedding for a more polished, luxurious aesthetic choice, and for a feel that is oh so cool to the touch.

When it comes to caring for your bedding, we’ve put together our top tips and tricks in our care guide.