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creating a comforting home

Just because a home is well designed and immaculate doesn’t always mean that it’s an inviting and comforting one. For us, creating a cosy, welcoming home that feels like a genuine reflection of the people living there is so much more important than having a perfectly styled and staged one—especially in today’s fast paced world where trends come and go.

what makes a comforting, welcoming home?

This is completely subjective, there are no rules. However, the foundation of a well-designed space lies in asking ourselves how the space will be used, how we want it to make us feel, how it can enhance our wellbeing and how our items will age. Using this as a guide, you can create a space that’s unique—just like you—and surround yourself with things that bring you fulfilment and happiness.

This is in line with the Danish concept of hygge, which we’re sure you’ve come across. Hygge can’t be translated into a single word in the English language, but is ‘about an atmosphere and an experience… a feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe, that we are shielded from the world and allow ourselves to let our guard down’ writes Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book of Hygge. It’s worth noting that the Danish are often said to be the happiest country in the world! Germans also have a similar concept, gemütlichkeit, while the Dutch have gezelligheid and Norwegians have koselig. All relate to the cosiness, warmth, belonging and peace of mind that hygge promotes.

pleasure, not pressure

When we let go of perfection and formality, we can turn a house into a home. A space with a feeling of warmth and cosiness positively impacts our wellbeing, reduces stress and ensures our guests feel an immediate sense of ease. When we look at an unmade bed, we don’t see chaos and mess. What we see is a spot that’s welcoming and refreshing. Beautiful homes can still look lived in.

the beauty of lighting

If there’s one hack for easily and instantly upping a room’s cosiness factor, it’s warm lighting. When you have the right light, you can create the right feel. Dimmer lights, floor lamps, table lamps and candles—lots of candles—help create gentle, softer tones and a warmth that’s inviting. A space where you and your loved ones will want to linger.

if you buy cheap – you buy twice!

Far too much waste is created today by items that are not made to last. Waiting, saving a little more money and purchasing well-made items is not only better for the environment but more cost-effective in the long run, too. By rejecting trends and investing in beautiful, timeless items that get better with age, you don’t have to overhaul your home every few years when the trend is no longer in style or to your taste. Our choice of materials also plays a huge role in the feel of our home. Carefully sourced, thoughtfully crafted natural materials are wonderful to the touch and will often get better with age.

reflection and thoughtful choices

To stop impulse buys, think of your home as ever evolving and enjoy the process. Don’t expect to complete a room instantly—finding the right things can sometimes take a little while. This way of creating your home makes it feel all the more fulfilling when it’s complete and your items will hold more memories. If you are in the mood for change, rearranging furniture is the easiest and most inexpensive way to re-style your home.

Now tell us, isn’t that a more romantic way to enjoy your home?

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