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how to choose the perfect house plants for your bedroom and bathroom

We had a chat with Chloe Robinson, floral designer and house plant specialist, who gave us her top tips on plant styling in our favourive rooms of the house – and importantly, how to keep them alive!

The house plant trend has grown incredibly over the three years that I have had my business at Altrincham Market. Perhaps it’s apartment living, or wanting to bring the outdoors in, but house plant sales continue to constantly increase for us. The right plant can add extra design flair to a room—it’s an easy and affordable way to customise a space. We often have new home owners coming to the stall to deck the entire house out with plants!

People are also beginning to understand just how great house plants are for their health—many plants have air purifying qualities, with NASA releasing a study on how house plants remove toxic chemicals from the air, such as formaldehyde and ammonia. All plants oxygenate the air surrounding them, so, not only do our green friends look great, they are good for us to!

However, once people get them home, they don’t always take the best care of them! We tell customers to give themselves (and the plants) the best chance, by putting them in a room and position that suits their new purchase.

the best plants for your bathroom

spider plants

One of these striking, hanging plants will help to make your bathroom look achingly cool. These 1970’s throw backs are very easy going and enjoy low light and moisture. Hang from a hook in the ceiling, in a corner of the room, or perhaps in a macramé hanger. Alternatively, perch on a high shelf or top of a cabinet and let the fronds flow down.

Watering Tip: Allow drying out between watering to avoid root rot, once every 10 days.

Image 1 by Almost makes Perfect, 2 by Hannah Puechmarin


Great for a brighter, lighter bathroom, orchids thrive in warm humid conditions. Pop on a window sill or on a vanity unit for that high-end spa feel.

Watering tip: Water once a week in winter and twice a week in summer. Submerge in water until roots are green.

Image by My Fabulous Design


Ferns and bathrooms go hand in hand—they love humidity and damp atmospheres being forest floor dwelling plants. Ferns are great for bathrooms with low levels of natural light, as they do not like bright, direct sunlight. Ferns that are proving the most popular at our shop are the Boston Fern, Asparagus Fern and Blue Star Ferns. Style in a shaded corner hanger or lined up on a steamy shelf.

Watering tip: Keep ferns permanently damp, never letting the soil dry out.

Image 1 by Anna Barnett, 2 by Sara Parsons

the best plants for your bedroom


Also known as ‘Mother’s in laws tongue’ due to its spiky leaves, Sansevieria are regarded as one of the best air purifying plants and as a result, a sleep aid. They can also cope with low levels of light (great if you have a dark bedroom, or don’t always open the curtains during the day)! They are also one of the most hardy houseplants, meaning they are very easy to look after, needing minimal watering. This low maintenance plant is also suitable for bathrooms. Pop on your bedside table in a gorgeous pot and reap the air cleansing rewards!

Watering Guide: Less is more. Water a small amount every 2 -3 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out in between waters.

Image 1 by Living Minnaly, 2 by House of Six Interiors

zz plant

Even the name of this plant suits sleeping spaces. Happy with low light and low watering, the Zamioculcas zamiifolia is almost indestructible. Treat yourself to a large striking one and pop in a plant stand for the ultimate, hip, plant stying.

Watering Guide: Water only when the soil is completely dry, I find a small amount every 7-10 days allowing the soil to fully dry out between watering.

Image by The Hunter Greenhouse

prayer plant

These pretty plants with their pink leaves are a little bit of fun to have in the bedroom—their leaves close in the dark and open in the light. Pop on your bedside table, it’s great fun to watch!

Watering Guide: Likes to be kept moist, keep soil damp and give a mist in hot weather.

Image by alphabeticalife


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