why organic makes perfect sense

More and more people are thinking about what we put into our bodies, but what about what we put on our bodies? The word about the benefits of organic is gaining momentum, but many people are still in the dark about the effects that the endless list of chemicals used in traditional cotton farming can have. This is why we’re passionate about driving the word through textiles, too.

this is what we know and why we want to do things differently

Conventional cotton growing uses more chemical pesticides and fertilizers than any other crop in the world. In addition, you’ll be surprised to hear about the standard textiles production process and how many harmful chemicals, bleaches, dyes and softeners are used. In particular, treat any bedding labelled as ‘wrinkle-free’ with a healthy dose of caution, as this usually involves using toxic chemicals like formaldehyde.

we’re not trying to freak you out here, but this is the reality…

This way of growing cotton can have serious and long-term effects on the health of farmers. The chemicals and toxins they are forced to come into contact with can give them life threatening illnesses and breathing difficulties. This is also damaging to the health of local communities and our planet too, as these chemicals and pesticides seep into waterways, leading to drinking water becoming contaminated, wildlife poisoned, ecosystems destroyed and the fertility of soil effected.

The latest research suggests that the chemical residue trapped in cotton could actually be damaging to our health. Your skin is the largest and most absorbent organ you have, so choosing organic means that your skin does not absorb anything that can be harmful to you. As organic cotton is hypoallergenic it’s particularly beneficial to people with allergies or skin conditions. You wouldn’t eat these chemicals, so we think it’s pretty important that you’re not cocooned in them while you sleep (which is up to a third of your life).

we don’t want to be part of this

For us, prevention is the best remedy. Hence why all our products are GOTS certified, which is the highest organic accreditation. Not only is our cotton grown organically without the use of chemicals or pesticides, but none of these harmful substances are used during any stage of producing our beautiful products. Combining tradition, innovation and science to grow and manufacture organic cotton offers a healthy and sustainable future for our farmers, workers and their families—all whilst looking after the environment and reducing your overall exposure to chemicals.

but wait, there’s more!

Our cotton is also grown using 80% rainwater. By recycling it efficiently very little outside water has to be used. We think that’s pretty great, don’t you?

making a difference, one product at a time

With Dip & Doze, you can sleep well knowing that you have the best possible products, have made a positive difference to those who helped make them and to our planet, too.

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