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key ingredients for the perfect guest bedroom

With the many upcoming bank holidays, chances are you may be planning to have some overnight guests. But what is the formula for a peaceful slumber and how do you make them feel at home? Well, it’s far from rocket science and as it’s so rewarding, we’ve noted down our top tips for you. It’s also worth noting that if you don’t have a dedicated spare guest bedroom, these also absolutely apply to temporary guest spaces too!

be the host with the most

Space to hang clothes? Check. Wi-Fi password? Check. Late night drink. No problem. A few really simple, thoughtful extra touches can go a long way in making your guests feel well looked after. If there’s a wardrobe in your spare room, ensure you leave some space and extra hangers for them to hang their clothes. If not, just a few hangers on the back of the door will certainly be appreciated. Another nice little touch is to leave a note somewhere visible with your Wi-Fi password. To prevent your guests having to hunt around your kitchen, leave a jug of water with glasses by the bed for when late night thirst strikes.

make the space inviting

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It’s amazing how much more restful and inviting a nicely prepared, clutter free space feels. To ensure sweet dreams for all—no matter what else the space may be used for—make the room as fuss and clutter free as possible. Here’s a spare room trick we love. When you think of curtains, you think of windows, right? But we also love the idea of using them to divide areas in rooms and create the cosiest sleeping area. It’s a super simple but savvy decorating move. Either as a bed canopy or hung from the ceiling, they can hide away anything from open wardrobes, shelving systems or a home office space.

anticipate your guests needs

Pillows are a big deal. The last thing you want is for your guests to wake with a sore neck, so have both hard and soft pillows for them to choose between. Not only will they feel happy and comfortable, but this will also help the room feel inviting and re-create the hotel experience. Adding a throw in winter or a flat sheet in summer to the mix will ensure your guests can find their sleeping temperature sweet spot. If it’s an air mattress or sofa bed you’re working with, a memory foam mattress topper will up the comfort from adequate to a-mazing!

lovely linens

We can all agree that luxurious feeling bed linen is essential to a wonderful overnight experience. Whether your guests are sleeping on a bed, air mattress or sofa bed, beautiful, fresh bed linen will help your guests on their voyage to perfect zzz’s. Also ask yourself if your guest towels are up to par. Have some lovely comforting bath linen folded at the end of the bed ready for your guests to use.

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