stepping into the new year, wellbeing first

Happy new year! Excited? Tired? Overwhelmed? January is generally the month when everyone sets their intentions for the year ahead, discarding old habits and trying to adopt new ones. This can be great, sometimes—but often we set ourselves unachievable goals and the ensuing pressure can be too much. So, there needs to be some balance.

shift your focus

Ensure there’s no burnout at the start of your year and you don’t leave yourself feeling unfulfilled by approaching things differently. You may be getting itchy feet to dive into something, but we think there’s a lot to be said for reappraising your goals when energy kicks in during Spring—and also thinking of them as long-term plans instead of dramatic, lofty New Year’s resolutions. Doesn’t that sound less scary? So, until then, give yourself a break. We’re talking sustainable and practical steps that will boost your wellbeing with minimal effort.

small tweaks, maximum benefits

With the hashtag self-care reaching 10.7 million on Instagram by the end of 2018, the awareness and benefits of wellbeing gained huge momentum last year. Even for the crazily busy of you—regularly taking just a tiny bit of time for yourself can have huge restorative benefits. Especially after the whirlwind that is December, we think you’re probably due some well-deserved downtime. What will help you feel more refreshed, revived and empowered?

Whether it’s beautiful, fresh bedding, flickering candles and a good book for better sleep and more energy, a luxurious soak finished with super-soft towels for a lifted mood, 10 daily minutes of yoga, meditation or journaling for less stress, figure out what works for you.

The knowledge that you’re helping to play a part in nurturing our planet and those who make the things we love may also help you feel empowered and boost your emotional wellbeing. Through mindful consideration of a few of your shopping choices, you can help create positive change while bringing out the best version of yourself.

Here’s to less ‘brand new me’ promises this January and more energy for the little things that will actually make a positive difference this year.

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