black friday: let’s make a difference together

This Black Friday, we wanted to do things differently by adding some colour. For every order placed between November 14th – 27th, we’ll be donating £5 to Rewilding Britain, who are doing essential work all over the country to protect nature and restore our ecosystems.

This is your invite to enjoy some of the simple joys that life has to offer – all while knowing you’re playing a collective part in trying to help the environment.

So, what exactly is “rewilding”?

Rewilding offers hope to us all. In a nutshell, it is the large-scale restoration of nature until it can take care of itself—and us—again. It’s about restoring nature’s remarkable web of life, including habitats, natural processes and, where appropriate, missing species.

Taking this big-picture, holistic approach to helping nature recover, Rewilding Britain wants to see rewilding flourishing across Britain, reconnecting us with nature, and sustaining communities.

how donations help

Here are 5 key ways our Black Friday Initiative donations will help to rewild Britain…

  1. reduce climate change

Nature – our best ally in the fight against climate change. Trees, peatlands, saltmarshes, and other ecosystems are perfectly adapted to soak carbon dioxide and store it – so let’s keep them here.

  1. support local economies

Rewilding land and seas can create a thriving ecosystem of employment – from restoring naturally-flowing rivers to mixing livestock management with wildlife guiding, to running community activities.

  1. increase biodiversity

By allowing diverse habitats to re-establish themselves, from woodland to seagrass meadows to peatland to scrub, we can give wildlife a chance to bounce back.

  1. clean air & water, & create healthy soils

Healthy soils bring us nourishing food, trees help to filter the air we breathe, and unpolluted rivers give us clean water. All things we can’t live without.

  1. mitigate weather events

Land that is covered in both native trees and scrub absorbs more water than denuded hills, reducing the risk of flash flooding. Likewise, healthy soils and habitats with a variety of native vegetation are at much less risk of wildfire than grounds that’re less cared for. 

So, rewilders, let’s let nature lead the way.

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