hemp & tencel: the ultimate loungewear fabrics

We’re absolutely committed to creating simple home comforts with intent, by gently refining nature’s generous resources. Let’s delve into how our loungewear range takes your comfort to a whole new level beyond the bedroom and into your waking life…

soft to the touch

We’ve created the most beautiful loungewear fabrics that’ll move effortlessly with your body when lounging around, doing the laundry or venturing outside for a leisurely stroll…

If you feel good, you think good. In fact, studies reveal that comfortable mens and womens loungewear can enhance cognitive processes. For example, the feel of your clothing can affect your hormone levels and cause you to approach the day differently (this is called ‘enclothed cognition’). Since the pandemic, scientists have further found that those who wear their comfiest clothes at home report higher feelings of happiness and optimism during waking hours.

health benefits

But it’s not just about comfort. Our loungewear range also offers myriad health benefits, too!

Did you know that prolonged contact from conventional clothing fabrics can be absorbed by the skin (our largest organ)?

This is why our loungewear is made using organic cotton, hemp and Tencel. Not only this, but it’s breathable, anti-microbial, UV-protective. It’s time to let your precious skin breathe so your body can truly get the rest it needs between the hustle and bustle of each day.

easy to throw on

With wide elasticated waistbands on our shorts and trousers, our loungewear range offers the next level of comfort you’ve been craving. The colours and styles of each garment make them easy to pair with any outfit, too!

gets better over time

Durability is key when it comes to loungewear. Our carefully crafted pieces are designed to soften with each wear and wash.

grown sustainably

Like linen, hemp is breathable, extremely durable, moves effortlessly with the body and is easy to wear across seasons. Hemp wrinkles less than linen, whilst still providing that beautiful lived-in look (win!) and softens more and more, with each wash and each wear (dreamy, right?).

Our hemp is grown in the mountainous region of northern China, without the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides. It’s considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly fibres out there, as it’s fast growing, naturally resistant to pests and requires almost no water to grow. It’s also a sister plant, meaning that it replenishes the soil by returning a high percentage of nutrients (we think that’s pretty amazing, don’t you!?).

Now for Tencel – known for being extra soft and comfortable, especially when wearing for hours on end or all day long. Made from sustainably sourced wood materials, Tencel is processed without the use of harmful chemicals in a closed loop system. It’s gentle on our planet and oh so gentle on your skin.

The best part? We’ve combined these two beautiful material with organic cotton to produce a perfect loungewear fabric blend! Our organic cotton, unlike conventional cotton, is grown without genetically modified seeds, harmful chemicals or pesticides. An extra plus – it’s grown using mostly rainwater. By recycling it efficiently, very little outside water needs to be used. Safer for our farmers, the environment, and you!

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