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calculating better sleep: the case for cost per use

Have you ever considered the amount of fabric that goes into making clothes compared to bedding? What about the fact that you’ll probably spend around 28 years in your bed in your lifetime, making bedding one of the cheapest cost-per-use items in your home?

some food for thought

We constantly bear witness to people not worrying too much about the price of an item of clothing that they love and makes them feel wonderful. So, why do so many think twice when it comes to the cost of high-quality, long-lasting bedding? Let’s take a £50 shirt (the average price from a survey we conducted) and compare that to our original double duvet cover, costing £55. While the shirt is made from around 2 square meters of cotton, a double duvet cover is made from 8 square meters of cotton. Allow us to illustrate what we’ve been pondering for some time.

Wouldn’t you agree that the price for better sleep seems like a pretty sweet deal?

the magical calculus of cost per-wear

This brings us on to cost per-wear. Anyone who’s rationalised (or even elaborately justified) investing in a new suit or handbag may be clued up on this concept. It’s designed to make you consider the longevity of your purchase, steering you away from cheap, disposable items. It’s kind of antithetical to fast fashion: buying less stuff, but better stuff that makes you feel good. We’re really into it. However, it tends not to come up in the home sector so much. At Dip & Doze, it’s what our philosophy is built on. So, here’s some fun, easy calculations (no need to be a math genius). We’ve based our calculations on three years just to keep things simple, but of course, our bedding is designed to last much, much longer than this.

We believe in subtle, everyday luxury. That the finest quality products shouldn’t just be brought out from hiding on special occasions.

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