natural linen bedding: 3 surprising health benefits

Since we spend a third of our lives in bed, we’ve collated the top three benefits of using natural linen bedding. And as you’re here, we figure you’re most probably considering natural bedding for yourself or your loved ones… We want to invite you to sit back, relax and read, as you’re in the right place – Dip & Doze ensures your purchase isn’t only kind to our planet, but is safe for your health and enduringly beneficial to your wellbeing.

So, exactly how is high quality bed linen beneficial?

protects you from chemicals

We don’t think it’s worth the risk of exposing our skin to harmful chemicals used in the making of conventional linen fabric. We harvest our luxe linen along the superior grounds of France and Belgium, so you can be rest assured that your linen bedding was grown under the best conditions on earth. From here, it moves on to our partners at a wonderful, world-class mill, whose ethos aligns with our own – to prioritise the environment and utilise sustainable production without the use of harmful chemicals, to work in better harmony with our planet.

The result? Natural OEKO-TEX certified linen bedding that’s spun to the highest quality and offers myriad health benefits.

balances your skin’s pH

Our linen’s looser weave and distinctively long fibres allow the skin to breath by circulating body heat and airflow freely, which help to save a balanced secretion of sebum  (the main outer layer of your skin). This subsequently maintains your optimum skin temperature and natural pH balance (skin acidity), which helps to keep blemishes and other break outs at bay. These qualities ensure warmer air stays around when you need it most, and wicked away when you’re already warm enough – the perfect alchemy for keeping your skin happy.

Further, being bacterial resistant, you’ll physically feel the soothing, softening benefits of our natural linen on your skin over time. And whilst formed with meticulous, microscopic breaks throughout the fibre structure, your skin is sure to love its subtle massaging qualities!

looks after your hair

What’s more, because our linen is an excellent electrical insulator and is extremely absorbent (able to absorb up to 20% of its weight in water), linen can protect hair that’s prone to damage or stress by preventing static damage and frizz – making it easier to maintain.

So, recharge your body night after night, with the deepest, comfiest sleep our sublimely health-benefitting natural linen bedding has to offer!

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