our 6 loungewear shades: explained

We created our loungewear with the purpose of collating the perfect garments to occupy that liminal space in which you’re able to stay indoors or go outside without changing. As perfect for the couch as your cosiest pyjamas, as suitable for the supermarket as your favourite jeans – you can’t go wrong with our luxuriously soft, beautifully tonal, consciously crafted loungewear.

Let’s delve into the details of our colour palette and find the perfect match for you…


Did you know that clothing colour can enhance cognitive processes? It does this by affecting your hormone levels and causes you to approach the day differently (this is called ‘enclothed cognition’). White loungewear emphasises our feelings of at-home comfort because of its associations with cleanliness and renewal. And when you feel good, you think good.

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lunar grey

Our lunar grey loungewear shade is specifically designed to match cool and warm tones alike, so you can pair it perfectly with both grey or beige tones in your wardrobe. This shade speaks of practicality and quietness – a perfect synopsis for the many homely activities that can be enjoyed in our grey loungewear set.

Why not consider our ideal all-year-round, lightweight light grey sweatshirt to throw on and go (or stay comfy right at home for the days when it’s too cold for just a tee). Our ladies grey sweatshirt has also been designed with a slightly cropped length to flatter your physique, whilst keeping your body heat in, so it can be used day after day. And our mens grey sweatshirt is the ideal all-year-round, lightweight sweatshirt that’s perfect for your every task.

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Using just a drop of violet in the undertone for added depth & slight drama, our charcoal loungewear is a beautiful dark grey shade that dreams of dark pairing options. With connotations of wind-down hour – this shade promotes reward for the hard work you’ve done.

Research finds that positive feelings about your clothes change the way you think about yourself in numerous ways – even changing your perception about how good you are at something, helping you face any obstacles that come your way head on throughout the day! Tackle any task and relax straight after in, for example, our meticulously made womens or mens dark grey sweatshirt.

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Even though loungewear is already the most versatile type of clothing, we’ve taken it to a whole new level of versatility with our oat shade!

With the stylistic stability of a stripped back fabric shade, our oat tone resembles the fabric’s shade before we added slight drops of neutral tones, to enhance and maintain a beautifully natural fabric hue. This also allows us to play with a subtle yellow undertone – which hints at uplifting connotations of happiness and optimism (as well as having been linked to healthy aging!) After all, you can trust that you’re going to be wearing and finding comfort in it for years to come.

Perfected to complement all skin tones and throw on with anything in your wardrobe, we use this beautiful warm shade for many of our loungewear garments, such as our womens beige shorts – and because we’ve not used any unnecessary purple in its undertones, you can easily mix and match it with other beige and grey tones. When we product tested these, no one wanted to give them back!

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It’s no secret that chinos are a luxuriously comfortable clothing option for men – when they’re the right colour. We’ve mixed warm and cool undertones for the perfect rich shade of navy blue, making for the dreamiest mens navy chinos and shorts out there. Not to forget the rising demand for mens navy shorts we’ve answered to, which are designed to provide the legs with the utmost room and comfort (finishing just above the knee). Just as perfect for an impromptu nap as they are for a summer BBQ!

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We just LOVE the connotations olive green holds of health and wellbeing – so much so that we had to incorporate it into our loungewear somewhere.

Our olive shade is a soft, rich green with wonderful depth that makes for a brilliant colour for a staple dark green sweatshirt. Designed to pair brilliantly with grey and blue hues, we also used this shade to design a charming pair of dark green chinos.

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When you feel authentic, you feel in alignment with your genuine self, which studies have found makes you more relaxed, engaged, and at mental ease throughout the day (this connection has been coined ‘enclothed harmony’).

Why not let yourself feel comfortable whilst at the same time oozing an essence of conscious living in loungewear pieces you know you’ll be throwing on without thinking, multiple times a week?