spring into spring: 3 joyous shades

Spring, oh spring… The beacon of change and transformation. The flitting season that takes us from March’s clock change to April’s priming showers. We rely on spring to wash away the remnants of a frost-locked winter, to restore the sky’s blue hue carrying our longer days… So we can soak in the beauty of the outdoors on our leisurely Sunday walks once again, as nature is reborn. And we’re as excited as ever to walk them with you, with a coffee and hot cross bun in hand… Heaven.

We all have a select few colours that uniquely affect us. Some instantly uplift our mood and motivate us to make the most of each day, some calm and soothe us when we need it most. Our spring-inspired shades encourage you to wake up, throw open the windows and bring joy into your homes.

Because there’s no feeling quite like brand new bedding whilst a renewed sense of luxury and wellness impedes the air.

nordic sky

Have you ever come across bedding blue enough to mimic nature’s highest skies, but also muted just enough to work well with your interior scheme?

Our Nordic sky shade uses a soft grey undertone to add subtle, natural depth that tells a subdued story of spring’s most beautiful morning skylines – for all the mood-soothing feels all season long! This creates a dusky blue bedding shade reminding us of the dancing gusts of the morning sky, a river’s winding stream, replenishing water droplets… Sublime!

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Equal parts fresh and warm, our balanced sage green bedding shade resembles the greening gleams of Spring’s luscious leaves, the feathers of happy birds bouncing from shrub to shrub, the stalks of daisy chains scattered by schoolgirls along the meadow’s pathways.

Designed to pair with any bedroom scheme as easily as a Sunday morning, enable your bed and bath spaces to flaunt the essence of spring with Sage. Get truly relaxed, with sage green towels and bedding!

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Not to forget Spring’s momentary, understated dawn… When the pearls of morning dew clothe your garden’s pebbles, the sun glints along riverside rocks, and cityscapes take precedence in the distance.

Balancing warm oaty undertones with a drop of grey, almond is perfect if you’re looking for a neutral, extremely versatile shade with enough depth to completely calm your senses! Explore with decorative elements as much as you wish – Almond is the perfect joyous springtime base for accented features.

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