world cotton day: 4 interesting facts

Since reading your outstanding reviews over the years on our ‘beautifully crafted’, ‘very high quality cotton’, and ‘what a difference it makes to a good night’s sleep’, we’ve decided to draw upon World Cotton Day as an opportunity to celebrate the many benefits of cotton with you! Let’s get straight into the interesting stuff…

1. supports economic development

You may’ve asked yourself before, where is the best cotton produced? You’re in the right place… Your dip & doze organic cotton bedding is crafted by some of the most skilled and committed communities in the world, in a region of India that has a long tradition of organic cotton cultivation.

What better source for your organic cotton home comforts than a non-profit organization that helps small-scale family farms improve profits through sustainable agriculture? We’re so proud to be supporting economic opportunity for those in the cotton industry who have historically been underserved by big corporations and a complex supply chain.

2. entirely biodegradable

Compared to synthetic cotton that can be scratchy and short lived, your dip & doze soft cotton bedding and curated home comforts are certified throughout the whole supply chain and help to decrease plastic microfibres from seeping into our waterways and oceans. Discover more about our GOTS certified organic cotton loungewear, towels & bedding.

3. multi-purpose

Did you know that natural cotton is an agricultural commodity that provides both fibre and food? Another fun fact! We exclusively use cotton sateen and percale for our bedding to provide options for every kind of sleeper you are. The wonderful performance qualities of our organic cotton towels and cotton towelling dressing gowns are also testimony to the many purposes of organic cotton.

4. low crop maintenance

And last but certainly not least, the cotton crop isn’t half as fussy as some other plant fibres. It can grow in arid climates and can thrive in places many other crops can’t – how accommodating!

So, to round it up by answering one of your related FAQs, is organic cotton softer than regular cotton? It is. And because we exclusively use superior-quality organic cotton that’s single ply and long staple, we’re able to bring you the most durable, soft, luxurious feeling home comforts.

And not only is it softer – but it’s also kinder to your skin and our planet.

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