5 simple ways to make your bedroom cosier this winter

With winter on the near horizon, you might’ve been wondering, how can I make my bedroom more comfortable and warm? Well, you’re not alone, and you’re certainly in the right place… Since your bedroom is the most personal space in your home, we’re here to help you ensure that it feels that way in a few low-effort, big-impact ways. Here is our design team’s take on how to make your bedroom feel warm and cosy in a skilful way, making for the ultimate restful refuge. You’re one step closer to achieving your dream sanctuary…

1. opt for earthy tones

Where beige bedding softly opens a room up, it also adds slight depth. By offering a calming retreat in which you can take yourself away from the hustle and bustle, a neutral bedroom colour scheme invites you to put your troubles aside and relax.

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2. consider a darker scheme

On the other end of the cosy kaleidoscope of tones, you’ll find navy bedding, which can truly anchor a room, as opposed to blending in with it…

We believe that dark bedding is cosy bedding – it can feel like a warm hug from a good friend as you drift off to sleep. That is, with just the touch of moodiness and drama that it brings along with it. For instance, navy bedding though typically considered a cool colour, creates a warm, inviting space that emphasises a near royal, quiet luxury feel, without neglecting the delicate poise of a household.

We’ve meticulously crafted our navy bedding set with this in mind. Our dark blue hue with an undertone of grey complements cool-toned furniture and warm-toned furniture alike, allowing your bedroom to feel compact, and subdued – it’s like burrowing into a cosy cocoon!

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3. upsize your duvet

The ‘king size duvet on double bed’ and ‘superking size duvet on a double bed’ concept is a great way to bring personality, charm, and cosiness into your bedroom, without losing an understated atmosphere. In fact, a study from Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders (2015) found that a larger duvet can help you sleep better at night by encouraging feelings of safety and security – subsequently promoting a deep, restorative sleep and reducing stress. So, if you struggle dozing off sometimes and feel you’d like to lock in more of your sleep heat, then upsizing your duvet is absolutely the answer to a warmer, comfier, more snuggly sleep!

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4. choose linen bedding

The charmingly crumpled texture of linen bedding works wonderfully in harmony with any rich, sensuous complements such as bold pillows, rugs, or paintings. Since the bed is the crux for activating cosy mode in the bedroom, it’s that bit more important to really consider all options before investing in bedding. And if you’re striving for the warmer, cosier vibes, then linen might well be your answer. The best part? It’s designed to suit both modern and traditional bedroom spaces – you can’t go wrong!

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5. don’t forget accessories

When it comes to adding warming accents to your interior bedroom décor, why not consider upsizing your curtains, too, if you’re currently on the lookout for a new pair? This will add a wonderful drape to enhance the warmer, cosier mood.