4 easy ways to live a healthier life

As we enter a fresh and bright new year, we’re now invited to reap the rewards of having (hopefully!) pressed our reset buttons over the holidays. With just a few small (trialled and tested) adjustments to your daily routine, you can really make the most of 2023’s renewed energy!

wake up & feel good


We know this may seem like climbing Mount Everest when you’re in bed, but your stress hormone (cortisol) peaks in the morning, so exercising helps regulate it better. Why not challenge yourself to gentle Pilates or yoga just after you wake up? The beauty of moving in the morning is that you don’t have to do a lot to feel better—simply get up and stretch for a few minutes, or try a light 10-15 minute workout. The result? With your newfound endorphin release, you’ll reduce your stress levels and regulate your energy during those pivotal morning hours.

And to hold onto that energised feeling, slow-release foods like granola or porridge can really turn your day into something that feels way more exhilarating. You can also avoid your body going into high stress mode by ensuring you don’t drink your morning coffee first thing. Instead, enjoy it after you’ve eaten your breakfast.

utilise water & light


This is SO simple, but something we all need reminding of sometimes. To keep your body clock in order, it’s important you’re not staying in the dark all day. So whenever possible, let the light shine in wherever you are, and try to spend some time outdoors each day.

A lack of water can lead to drowsiness, so get into the habit of staying hydrated! And of course, allow yourself to look forward to a flavoursome, energising midday meal to keep your serotonin alive and combat that mid-afternoon hazy brain feeling!

dreamy sleep


We’ve said it before, but we’re shouting it loud for those at the back! Regular, consistent sleep is the number 1 catalyst for your body’s hidden energy to flow freely. If you get this down, the increased energy will follow. We can’t promise a magic cure to any sleep routine woes, but we can offer a trusting remedy. How does the softest, most cosseting cloud of comfort to nestle into sound to you?

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lull your mindfulness


And finally, it’s no secret that showering before bed can loosen your muscles, ease your mind, and help you switch off after another hard-working day. This steamy heat before bed can really help ease tension and anxiety—improving your overall mental health. But did you know that after stepping out, the cooling of your body temperature mimics the temperature change you experience when falling asleep, therefore tricking your body into night-time mode? Why not try this, if you don’t already!

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