organic cotton vs. conventional cotton

Fibres are at their best when they’re grown by nature – from their supreme quality to their long length and their enduring strength.

We’re truly committed to elevating your sleep, so we never have and never will blend our pure cotton fibres with synthetic alternatives. In fact, we ensure our whole supply chain is free of pesticides and other harmful toxins every step of the way. This way, we can bring the purest beauty of nature right to your home. Here’s a breakdown…

what’s the difference?

Although organic and synthetic cotton come from the same plant, the main difference is chemicals. Our organic cotton relies solely on the loving care of skilled human hands, perfect weather conditions and marigold plants (a natural pest repellent that replaces these common, harmful synthetic pesticides). This is, as opposed to using harmful chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) throughout its entire creation process.

Meanwhile, conventional cotton growth uses more chemical pesticides and fertilisers than any other crop in the world.

why organic?

We choose organic cotton because it’s grown, harvested, and processed in a series of vigorous ways that use less water and energy than conventional cotton.

As crops grow, the soil beneath them is rotated. When organic cotton seeds are grown, they can retain water better because there are more organic elements in the soil. Instead of using chemicals to prevent surrounding weeds, they’re removed by hand. So, where conventional farming ends up contributing to pollution on a large scale, organic farming systems can effectively capture CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester it in the ground. These low-impact practices play a vital role in the fight against climate change. It’s truly wonderful the restoration that happens when we invest in organic.

So, we’ve chosen to partner with cotton farmers situated in the most rain-fed part of India – where our beautiful cotton can grow using up to 90% of rainwater, helping to preserve biodiversity and so much more… How amazing!

what’s GOTS?

GOTS is The Global Organic Textile Standard. It prohibits the use of a long list of chemicals (including the use of no harmful pesticides, insecticides, or fertilisers) commonly used in all stages of conventional textile production such as flame retardants, heavy metals, PFCs, formaldehyde, etc.

Beyond the strict chemical restrictions, GOTS also calls for environmental management plans and wastewater treatment at all wet processing units.

why GOTS?

Taking it a step further than merely proclaiming our efforts, GOTS allows us to validate the sustainability of our products and the truth behind our ethos.

For us, prevention is the best remedy. With GOTS, we know that every step of the process is monitored to ensure safety, never forgetting the smallest details, for humans and the environment.

Ensuring all our sublime cotton meets the highest standard in the world for organic certification is a challenge we know is worth it. To get this accreditation, our cotton must undergo a series of tests to confirm that every step of production has met strict standards.

the time is now

For us, organic cotton isn’t just about comfort – it tells a story of togetherness, consideration, and hope. It’s all of these aspects combined that make a world of difference to small-scale farmers’ lives and the future of our planet. Through supporting small-scale organic cotton farmers and cooperations, we strive to help increase the demand for organic cotton and raise the standards for all agricultural processes. This way, the world benefits.

Choosing organic and building a healthier home for ourselves has never made more sense. And since we spend a third of our lives in bed, to us, we think the decision is simple.

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