behind the design: linen bedding

Ahead of the launch, we’re so excited to introduce you to the beautiful qualities of our OEKO-TEX certified linen bedding – after over a year in the making! While our cotton is adored for its neatly cinched appearance, our linen, with a looser fibre weave, offers an even more laid-back, relaxed look. Let’s unravel the design together…

why we love linen

The reasons why linen is such a go-to homeware fabric are very simple. Ever since 8000 BC, linen has treated us to its beautifully lived-in qualities, having formed the most wonderful of sanctuaries for so many of our routine rests. So, how is it so sleep-friendly? It’s temperature regulating, highly absorbent and naturally bacterial resistant, meaning it doesn’t irritate your skin and your comfort is maintained all night long. What’s more, there’s no need to store it away when the mixed Autumn or Winter weather hits. We developed the perfect weight—not too heavy, not too lightweight—so it’s perfect for all-year-round use.

As always, only the finest linen lives up to our cross-functional homeware desires… With the right balance of natural fibres, finished in a unique way to relax the fibres and crafted by the most talented of hands, our linen offers the ultimate comfort to sink yourself into.

Linen is a charmer aesthetically speaking, too. With its renowned elegant crinkles to its perfectly imperfect finish, our luxury bed linen brings the cosiest, most calming atmosphere to your bedroom space. It appears quite like a well-cared for vintage piece (without having to wait for years to enjoy the satisfying texture). Continuing to become even more exquisite with age, it grows even softer and more aesthetically pleasing with every wash.

our special linen

So, does it matter where linen fibres are sourced? Absolutely yes. And how important is it to know where your homeware linen is derived from? Very. Origin is key. Our linen is no exception to our carefully selected craftsmanship process, which makes each and every product unique.

Linen is a natural fibre taken from the stalks of a flax plant. We’re proud to have sourced some of the world’s best flax from the famous Western Europe flax belt (spanning the northern coastline of Belgium and France), where the unique North Sea climate grows the finest flax fibres. The linen produced from the flax here is renowned for its sublime length, strength, and quality.

Following sourcing, we decided to manufacture our Belgian and French flax in Portugal, where linen production forms a huge part of the local history and culture. We’re proud to have partnered with a wonderful, world-class mill here, whose ethos aligns with our own – to prioritise the environment and utilise sustainable production without the use of harmful chemicals, to work in better harmony with our planet.

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