rethinking your everyday shower

Sure, baths are the perfect place to unwind and take some time to focus on your wellbeing, but given that more of us shower every day, it’s the perfect time and place to practice mindfulness. Here’s how to turn your daily planet-friendly shower into a cocoon of calm.

step one

Forget any cynical preconceptions you may have, when it comes to meditation, here’s what we know: It works a treat for feeling clear-headed and focused, giving everyday autopilot routines meaning and value. Mindfulness is all about tuning into the present and taking time to do things with care and intention. So, your daily shower—a place where you can’t be plugged in—is the perfect time to pay conscious attention to what you’re doing. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

Allow us to let Mark Williams and Danny Penman, authors of Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world, explain: “pay attention to the sensations of the water on your body, the temperature, the water pressure. Notice the movements of your hands and your body as you wash. If you choose to use this time to reflect, do so intentionally, with awareness that this is where you have decided to focus your attention.” Also, take a moment to be grateful that you have warm, running water or light a scented candle and focus on the scent. 10 minutes of heaven. It’s almost too easy.

As always, practice makes perfect. Maximum benefits are seen when this is practiced regularly. In the long term, committing to mindful meditation routines will pay off big time, “seeping into everything you do and helping you to cope more skilfully with the worst that life throws at you” say Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

step two

We might be biased, but let’s be honest, can you really fully enjoy your shower without a good, organic towel? We don’t think so. Pair your mindful shower with beautifully soft towels and it’s basically like a tiny vacation from any stress and worry of your everyday.

And there you have it. A daily utilitarian shower that’s not only good for your heart and mind but also our wonderful planet.

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