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the beauty of white bed linen

The easiest way to create a relaxing atmosphere to retire to at the end of each day? We believe it’s by using white bed linen. There’s no denying the transformative effect that impossibly luxurious white sheets can have on mood, while also being a design classic that’ll never go out of style.

it’ll get your mind ready for a good night’s sleep

We’re all aware of the power of a good night’s sleep. As white bedding evokes a sense of calm, it will get your brain ready for those all-important zzz’s.

A show of hands: who leaves changing bedding until last thing in the evening? We know, it’s inevitable. Investing in a few beautiful sets means all your bedding will match, so less time searching for matching sets or waiting for the dryer and more time snuggling up and winding down in bed!

it’ll go with everything

This forever classic is versatile and will suit any room. Perhaps you like switching to different muted tones or adding new textures as the seasons change? Using whites on your bed makes this super easy and means you don’t have to spend a ton of money. It can hold its own against any accent colours you want to use in your bedroom.

it’s effortless

There’s nothing wrong with not making your bed, sometimes mornings can be a little hectic. If, like us, you don’t do this every morning, we think white sheets have that quality that makes them look clean and crisp even when they’re not flawlessly made. We find perfectly imperfect, not staged white cotton welcoming and comforting.

do you have a small or dark bedroom?

Small rooms can sometimes feel slightly claustrophobic. Choosing an all-white palette gives the illusion of more space. By maximising light, the room will feel open and airy. As the bed is usually the biggest, most prominent piece of furniture in the room, white bedding can also break up dark walls or furniture colours, having a brightening, transformative effect.

want to achieve that hotel feeling at home?

White bed linen is a go-to in hotels around the world. It’s no wonder, as it makes rooms look clean and de-cluttered while having such design longevity and allowing luxe materials to stand out. If you’d like your bedding to offer a little bit of something extra, our beautifully simple embroidered set is enhanced with an embroidered detail running along it’s bordered edges.

feeling inspired?

We have a love (okay, obsession) with white bed linen, and when we found out that 75% of people sleep with a white fitted sheet, we worked tirelessly to get the fundamentals right. By paying close attention to everyday subtleties, we’ve been able to add little details that will make your life easier. As white bedding has such design longevity, it needs to be just as great in years to come as when you first bought it. We’re passionate about moving away from short-lived items, so instead present a streamlined collection of considered, long-lasting, timeless essentials. Creating a bedroom that you love and that feels fresh isn’t about constantly making new purchases, but finding beautifully made items and making the most out of them.

Be reassured that we’ve done the simple things right.

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