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how to store your bedding: a guide

When it comes to bedding, we all want to keep our plush and precious bedroom comforts in top condition. Whether it’s natural linen or organic cotton bed sheets, the right care is instrumental to preserving their quality. Here are some ideas for bedding storage that will keep your bedding in tip-top shape.

keep the moisture at bay

Mould and mildew can ruin your bedding, so it’s important to keep moisture at bay. Choose a bedding storage space that’s cool, airy, dry, and spacious. This will help prevent moisture build-up and keep your bedding fresh and clean.

Before storing your bedding, make sure it’s completely dry. Any moisture left can lead to mould and mildew growth, which can ruin your bedding. Once dry, here’s how to store it in suitable conditions to prevent moisture build-up.

choose suitable storage containers

Wire baskets are a great option for bedding storage. They allow proper airflow, which is essential for natural fabrics to breathe.

keep everything organised

Organising your bed sheet storage is key to keeping it in good condition. Try repurposing an under-shelf organiser in your linen closet to hold your bedding separate to other household items such as towels. Use our complimentary drawstring bags for protection against bugs and dust. Made from offcuts of our bedding, these bags are light enough to still allow proper airflow. They also have handy sewn-in size labels so you can easily find the bedding you’re looking for.

By following these storage tips, you can keep your bedding in top condition and create a calming cocoon in your bedroom. For more information on caring for your cotton or linen bedding, check out our cotton bedding care guide and linen bedding care guide.

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