an ode to autumn

Oh how we love this season. Crisp leaves of red and rust fall from the trees, ready to be kicked up by walkers and their furry friends. Farmers harvest their fields of gold, whilst varieties of winter squash continue to bloom ready for the month ahead. The evenings start to come sooner than they did the week before, prompting brisk walks at dusk in the chilly air. Then the best bit… Coming home. Cosy evenings spark the first lighting of the fire, wrapping up in blankets, and enjoying mugs of hot cacao or chai tea.

slow weekend get ups

The delight of an autumn morn is almost like no other. We love the easing into the day as the light begins to peek with the sunrise, inviting us to fill our days with positivity. Hot tea and crunchy toast in bed with a book is the perfect way to emerge from your bundle of sheets, encouraging a mindful start to the weekends and filling you with creative energy to inspire the days ahead.

brisk wanders

Days at work are accompanied by shorter periods of daylight, so returning home to creature comforts becomes a valued aspect of the daily routine. But we can also spend these evenings almost as we would the brighter, Spring-Summer eves and spend some much-needed time outdoors. A walk this time of year can be a wonderful thing, too. Your own local patches may feel well-trodden by this point, but seeing the familiar with a set of fresh eyes can still have a lot to give. Don’t be expecting the same sights, instead, look to take a new perspective. Why not take a moment to soak up your surroundings on that park bench you always walk past. How has the changing season and the shift in light altered the area around you? Is the forest floor a carpet of pine needles and crisp leaves, or are droplets of water turning to frost on the local green?

We love seeing the dusky skies rolling overhead and the freshness they bring at the end of the day. A simple step outside or an evening stroll provides no end of benefits (positive hormone boost, endorphin release, clears the mind – you know the rest), filling lungs with crisp air and clearing our minds in preparation for a peaceful slumber. And afterwards, home feels like even more of a warm, comforting retreat.

getting cosy

Bundling up in blankets, increasing the tog on your duvet and making the switch to our Soft and Smooth bed linens signals the approaching colder nights. Get snuggled up in your duvet earlier than usual, throw on a Dip & Doze sweatshirt and take some time out for yourself, whether that be watching your favourite movie or partaking in some well-deserved self-care. Did you know that the hemp in our loungewear is also an amazing insulator? Perfect for keeping you toasty and warm during the colder period (we really did think of everything when designing this year-round collection!).

the ultimate unwind

Before we settle into our soft and smooth slumber, we love to indulge ourselves in a long and restful soak. Bath time bubbles filled with essential oils allow our bodies to rest and reset, warming us from the inside out. To tease you out of the tub, treat your feet to the fluffiness of our bath mats whilst encompassing yourself in the comfort of a bath sheet. By winding down mindfully and in tune with the seasons, we know you’ll feel positive when each morning comes.

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