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top 4 bedding fabrics: find yours!

As many of you know, natural bedding fabrics are essential for us to maintain healthy, peaceful sleep. Since cotton and linen are the undisputed front runners for achieving the best night’s sleep, our curated range makes it easy for you to have access to your perfect fabric match – to one that’ll keep you just the right amount of cool, warm, and comfortable throughout the night. It all comes down to you and your desired sleep environment…

Answer to your body’s sleeping needs with our help and watch it eternally thank you. After all, we’re here to ensure that you sleep right!


Function: Comforting

Our flax fabric is made of longer premium fibres that are strong, durable, and get softer with every wash. With an effortlessly imperfect yet elegant finish, linen brings the ultimate laid-back cosiness to your bedroom space.

By nature, linen is a fabric that is resistant to moisture, regulates air efficiently and adapts best to changes in body heat. What’s more, our natural linen is antibacterial, and moth-resistant! Just like our cotton, it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Pre-washed for that vintage kind of softness from the first sleep, our linen is easy to care for and even easier to sink yourself into every night. Alternatively, if you’d prefer the feel of a a perfectly smooth, soft texture, you may want to consider our varying cotton bedding fabrics.

Claim your life-long linen bedding

– perfect not only as your deluxe summer linen duvet, but as your most refreshing winter bedding option, too.

soft & smooth

Function: Warming

Each of our cotton fabrics start with the same long-staple organic thread, with different weaves to achieve different qualities for different sleepers. They’re all hypoallergenic and moisture wicking, making them perfect for those with sensitive skin. This is, whilst also getting softer with every wash and aging with the utmost grace and class.

Cotton sateen fabric, renowned for its beautiful buttery soft texture, is perfect for those of you that value a cosier sleep. It’s like your favourite lived-in t-shirt or a comforting hug. We’ve renamed this fabric to ‘soft & smooth’ due to its exceptionally relaxed hand and elegant drape that adds warmth to your sleep, yet is still brilliantly breathable. Due to our “four-over, one-under” weave on the loom, our cotton sateen has a delicate, subtle sheen. This is, whilst being flexible and drapey, with a soft, heavier feel that’s naturally more wrinkle resistant than other fabrics.

Sleep luxuriously with your very own cotton sateen bedding.

cool & crisp

Function: Cooling

Akin to 5* boutique hotel sheets, cotton percale bedding is perfect for sleepers that want to create a cooler sleeping environment. It has a “1 over, 1 under” weave that’s tighter than others, making it structured yet lightweight, with a meticulously matte finish and crisper texture. Like a freshly ironed shirt, our organic percale cotton sheets promote airflow and keeps you cool on even the hottest nights. And with age, our cotton percale retains all its loved cool & crisp qualities!

Wake up feeling refreshed every morning, no matter your body’s heat regulating tendencies, with our cool & crisp bedding.

relaxed cotton

Function: Mixed

Still struggling to decide? If the above options all sound ideal but you find yourself to be a combination sleeper and are still undecided on your number one fabric, our striped bedding combines the lived-in qualities of linen and the cloudy lightness of cotton. Made with a looser, more open weave than usual, our relaxed cotton is perfect for those of us who crave a few extra moments of leisure and comfort in the mornings.

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