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ways to reuse our drawstring bags

At Dip & Doze we’re committed to minimising our environmental footprint as much as possible. Given this, we put a lot of thought into our packaging. Usually the off-cuts from production are just thrown away, so to avoid waste, we decided to give these left-over pieces of fabric a new life and turn them into lovely reusable drawstring bags for you. You can use them over and over again, at home or on the move. But what to reuse them for? Here are some of our favourite upcycling ideas.

stash odds and ends

We all have those ‘bits and bobs’ draws or cupboards. Create calm in the chaos of this little space by keeping certain items grouped together in your drawstring bag. If you have a store cupboard with a hook on the inside, they’re also great for hanging here.

use as a market bag

Off to the market? Take your Dip & Doze drawstring bag! Use it alone if you’re just picking up one or two bits, or inside a larger bag you may be carrying to separate certain items.

keep shoes clean and damage free

Have a pair of lovely shoes that only get shown off every once in a while? Keep them clean and dust free by storing them in your drawstring bag. They’re equally as handy if you’re worried about scuffing them while travelling. Just pack them inside your drawstring bag and arrive at your destination with shoes in tip-top condition.

keep dirty washing together on holiday

If there’s one hack for instant organisation while you travel, it’s using your drawstring bags to keep all of your dirty washing together.

store children’s toys

Lego, dolls clothes, car toys, railway pieces… For when you’re having a quick tidy up or want to keep certain toys together, easily store these in your Dip & Doze bag. May you never find Lego bricks in strange places again! (Hopefully).

store your stationery or sewing kit

As more people are adopting a make-do-and-mend attitude, we’ve seen a resurgence in long-forgotten skills. If you don’t already have a sewing box brimming with everything you need and have recently acquired a few sewing essentials, store these essentials in your drawstring bag. On that note, lots of you have also told us you’ve been storing your stationary in your bags which is great to hear!

store your bed or bath linens

We’ve loved hearing from so many of you that you’ve found the bags really useful for storing your bed linen in. This is the reason we added little sewn in size labels at the sides of the bags, so instead of rooting around in piles of bed or bath linen trying to find what you’re looking for, you’ll avoid making that inevitable mess. They can also come in handy for storing your smaller sized towels. Clean, tidy, easy to find bed and bath linen. Great!

organise your car

Is your glove box a little disorganised? Keep your most important items together and easy to find by putting certain things in your cotton bag.

We love seeing your images! Show us how you’ve thoughtfully reused your drawstring bag by tagging us in your Instagram and Twitter posts #dipanddoze @dipanddoze. We’ll repost our favourites.

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