sleeping in the heat: top tips

As we’re now on the verge of summer (finally!), the nights are heating up and we might find ourselves reaching for that one fan we’ve held onto for many years – hoping it hangs in there for another cycle. With a growing 25,600+ total google searches across the UK asking ‘how to sleep in hot weather’, we’re here to provide you with simple solutions.

With just a few small living adjustments that promote rest and revitalisation, here’s how to build a bedtime sanctuary that’ll prevent you from having restless summers…

you’ve got options

What if we told you there’s more effective methods to aiding a good night’s summer sleep than installing aircon or purchasing the latest fan equipment? Truthfully, high-quality, refreshingly cool bedding really is sleep’s greatest ally during the warmer months!

Because our bodies aren’t very good at keeping our temperatures constant during the REM stage of our sleep cycle, the bedding we choose to sleep in is extra important.

Thanks to our plant-sourced fibres that’re notably lightweight and won’t trap body heat, we bring you the most breathable and naturally absorbent options on the market. It’s time to make it easy for your body to wick away sweat as you doze!

cool & crisp

Our beautiful cool & crisp bedding is cool the touch, feeling like the flip side of your pillow all night long… Divine!

Made from 100% single ply, long-staple organic cotton, our percale bedding’s special plain weave makes it one of best choices for warmer weather because it helps circulate air around you and regulate your body temperature… Instead of it getting locked inside the bedding with you and causing unwanted stuffiness.

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natural linen

A stiffer fabric than cotton, our natural linen is less likely to cling to your body and is extremely absorbent, having the impressive quality of being able to absorb a fifth of its weight in water before feeling damp!

What’s more, our linen’s looser weave and distinctively long fibres allow the skin to breath by circulating body heat and airflow freely. As it’s very good at naturally regulating body temperature, it’s also very ideal for meeting in the middle with a partner who may respond to night-time heat differently… And that applies to all seasons, all-year-round.

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say no to synthetics

Most synthetic bedding uses petroleum – meaning even new sheets might feel like they’re trapping in heat. No one needs bedding that suffocates airflow and facilitates sweating!

avoid day-napping

While the hot weather can make us feel lethargic (as our bodies are expending more of it to regulate our internal temperature), this may make it difficult for us to sleep come night-time. And sleepiness can be precious, especially when it’s hot, so try and save it for bedtime!

At the same time, ensure you stick to your normal wake-up and bedtimes. Often the hot weather has us staying up later, enjoying a drink or two – but this can disrupt our bodies’ sleep routine.

have cooler showers

We need to have a fractional temperature difference between our body and our brain in order to doze off soundly. So, keeping your evening shower tepid on hotter evenings will help lower your body temperature and sleep easier. Don’t have a freezing cold one, though, as your body will react to the sudden change in temperature by preserving heat.

keep windows closed

Contrary to popular belief, keep your windows closed. Keep your curtains closed, too. You’ll actually find rooms stay cooler during the day when both windows and curtains are closed!

So, there we have it. Give some of these adjustments a go and invest in high-quality, long-lasing bedding. It may just be one of the best decisions you ever make – for the summer months and beyond!